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Senua's Saga Hellblade II
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Patch Notes – 31st May 2024

Hi everyone. We hope you’ve been enjoying Senua’s new journey into Viking Iceland. Today we have some small fixes to improve the game experience.

  • Added a warning prompt when selecting ‘New Story’ as this option resets the current save’s story progress.
  • Fixed the large text size option, which was causing UI elements in chapter selection to go out of bounds.
  • Animation sync issues during some enemy executions in combat have been adjusted and fixed.
  • Adjusted the combat events during the Thórgestr battle at the end of Chapter 1
  • Several localization fixes.
  • Tree collision fixes in Chapter 2 settlement puzzle.
  • Fixed the crash when closing photo mode after extended gameplay.
  • Fixed a few cases of memory leaks game-wide.
  • Ultrawide fix during Chapter 3 cinematic to prevent Fargrímr from disappearing.
  • Indoor rain inside the broken house in Chapter 1 is fixed.
  • Ghosting issues fixed when running Frame Generation.
  • Added missing SFX during Chapter 3 puzzle and Chapter 4 combat
  • Fixed missing captions in several areas across the game.
  • Missing facial animations in Chapter 5 cinematic after village battle.
  • Misaligned peach fuzz around Senua’s neck and face has been corrected.
  • Goði combat crowd push events have been adjusted for a better combat experience.
  • Improved FSR3 artefacts.
  • Fixed the case of some animated objects were invisible during gameplay.
  • Fixed instances of black marks appearing on faces around beards and fine-hairs on Low preset.

If you run into any issues not listed, please visit this link for support: